It’s the time of the year where you’re filled up with all the holiday festivities, from family reunion, cleaning to the endless chores in the kitchen. Along with all the warmth and happiness, many people just need a moment to themselves to relax and enjoy a day.

Aside from being overworked and the obvious stress, the top 3 common health issues we usually see during the holidays are:

  1. General fatigue 
  2. Back, shoulder or joint pain
  3. Digestive issues

So what can you do to ease these pains at home? Here’s some quick and dirty things you can do to temporarily relief your symptoms before your consultation with your doctor.

1. Take your fish oil. Pain is usually associated with inflammation, may it be from over-exhausting yourself with the holiday extravaganzas or the never-going-away chronic pains. Fish oil is an essential fat that is great for many things, and one of which is anti-inflammation. The DHA and omega-3 fatty acids in fish oil is just what you need this holiday season.The great thing about fish oil is that it comes in many forms, from soft gel caps to concentrated liquid forms.

2. Treat your self to a hot bath. Another way of relieving your pain is hydrotherapy. Sure it’s a fancy word, but at times it can be as easy as taking a hot bath with some Epsom salt. The trick is to put a couple cups of Epsom salt while you’re drawing the bath so it can dissolve quickly and ready for your enjoyment right away. For a personal touch, you can also add a few other things for added-benefits, from coconut/olive oil for skincare and moisturizing to essential oils for relaxation. Soak for at least 12 minutes to up to 45 minutes per bath. Make sure to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate afterwards to keep your body balanced and your energy level up. Epsom salt can help with the inflammation and the heat can sooth your stomach for a better digestive experience.

3. Take a breath and have your me-time. A lot of pain and digestive issues can be stress related, especially during the chaos that is the holidays. Make sure you carve out some time during the day to be alone and unwind. It can be anything from meditation, playing with your pet to reading a book or even watching your favorite TV show. Take about 15 minutes to yourself every 4 hours or so and it will be great to not just your physical health, but also your mental health as well!

So that’s that. 3 simple things you can do right at home this holiday season to keep you healthy and ready. At the end of the day, don’t hesitate to drop in for a quick boost (B12 shots and IV Therapies are quick ways to recharge during your busy day) and make a reservation for a post-holiday check up. If you want a more comprehensive treatment on either your acute or chronic pains, do reach out to our newest doctor at OHC, Dr. Kensive Nguyen, to learn more about our pain management programs and packages!

Happy New Year!

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